Roger Blench: Papers in the archaeology and prehistory of Oceania




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2014. The Austronesians: an agricultural revolution that failed. To be presented at the Second International Conference on Taiwan Indigenous Peoples 15-17 September 2014 Shung Ye Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

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2013. Was there once a Zone of Vegeculture Linking Melanesia with Northeast India? In: Pacific Archaeology: Documenting the Past 50,000 Years: Papers from the 2011 Lapita Pacific Archaeology Conference. Glenn R. Summerhayes & Hallie Buckley eds. 1-16. University of Otago Studies in Archaeology, No. 25. Otago University Press.


2010. Remapping the Austronesian expansion. Festschrift for Malcolm Ross. Bethwyn Evans ed. pp. 1-25. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.


2008. The languages of the Tasmanians and their relation to the peopling of Australia. Australian Archaeology, 67:13-18.


2005. Fruits and arboriculture in the Indo-Pacific region. Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association,   24:31-50.



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