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(Conference preprint) The world turned upside down: sago-palm processors in Northeast India and the origins of Chinese civilisation. Pre-circulated paper for the panel ‘The sub-Himalayan Corridor: Just what is going on in North East India?’ Northeast India Panel, EurASEAA 14, Dublin 2012.






(Festschrift preprint) The contribution of linguistics to understanding the foraging/farming transition in NE India. Chapter for: 51 Years after Daojali Hading: Emerging perspectives in the Archaeology of Northeast India. Essays in Honour of T. C. Sharma Tia toshi Jamir & Manjil Hazarika eds.






2008. Musical instruments of South Asian origin depicted on the reliefs at Angkor, Cambodia. In: From Homo Erectus to the living traditions. J-P. Pautreau et al. eds. 239-244. Papers from the 11th EURASEAA meeting at Bougon, 25-29th September 2006. Chiang Mai: Siam Ratana.







2008. Re-evaluating the linguistic prehistory of South Asia. Presentation at the workshop:  Landscape, demography and subsistence in prehistoric India:  exploratory workshop on the middle Ganges and the Vindhyas. Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, University of Cambridge, 2-3 June, 2007.

Published in; Toshiki Osada and Akinori Uesugi eds. Occasional Paper 3: Linguistics, Archaeology and the Human Past. 159-178. Kyoto: Indus Project, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.


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2003. The movement of cultivated plants between Africa and India in prehistory. In: K. Neumann, A. Butler & S. Kahlhaber (eds.) Food, fuel and fields: progress in African Archaeobotany. 273-292. Köln: Heinrich-Barth-Institut.




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