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Harp piece I

Harp piece I


Harp ricercare. Written for the modern harp in the spirit of Renaissance harp compositions, such as those by Antonio de Cabezon.

Harp  ricercare


Harp piece III

Harp piece III

Flute and harp

Several movements for flute and harp

Flute & harp


Coronavirus waltz

Coronavirus waltz


Abuja suite 2004



I. Les siphilites

Harpsichord piece I


II. l'espresso

Harpsichord piece II


III. Marche funèbre. The slow, rhythmic pace marks the gradual decline of English academic life

Harpsichord piece III


IV. Les étinceleurs [the sparklers]

Harpsichord piece IV


V. Memories of the Spanish war

Harpsichord piece V


VI. Fandango. A piece written in homage to the great eighteenth century Spanish harpsichord composer, Antonio Soler.



VII. Stromatolites. Describes the slow oscillations of the Ediacaran fauna

Harpsichord piece VII


VIII. The golden Chersonese

Harpsichord piece VIII


Piano piece No. 1 (Slow waltz)

Piano piece No. 1


Piano piece No. 2

Piano piece No. 2


Piano piece No. 3

Piano piece No. 3


Il scremato non latte

Non-dairy creamer

Chamber ensemble

Single movement for small instrumental ensemble


Wind trio

Les crabes de l'île de Noël

Les crabes

Wind trio

Trio des instruments à vent

Wind trio

Trombone trio

Canon sur ‘Les crabes de l'île de Noël’


Wind trio

The Sino-Bodic hypothesis: le défi

Sino-Bodic I


La triomphe du Sino-Bodique

Sino-Bodic II


The frigate bird


Oboe, clarinet

Grand duo

Grand duo






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